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Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 20.00%
Additional terms Earn commissions in USD, when someone uses your custom discount code or referral link in your account. All commissions earned can be paid to your Bank Account or PayPal account.
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As a KappaCrew Ambassador you can:

1. Earn 20% commission from promoting KappaCrew products to your followers when they place orders. For example, if they order $100 USD, you get $20 USD.

2. Enter contests to win trips to tropical beach destinations, free products, cash up to $2000, and more!

3. Join our community of people who inspire each other to live our best lives exploring the world, making new friends, promoting positivity, and spreading love across the globe!

4. Earn cash from creating content, when we need high-quality content made, we'll post jobs in the community for you to do, accept a job contract we post to create content for us to earn cash.

As a KappaCrew Ambassador, you will also get the chance to be selected to model for our brand and get a free trip to Bali to do a photo shoot for new KappaCrew product releases to be put on our website and for marketing promotions across social media.

Let's all explore more of the world, inspire each other to live our best lives, while promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle to people around the world.

Send us new content that you create with KappaCrew products for chances to be featured on and on our Instagram @KappaCrew.Official

Fill out your application form today to request to join the team and we'll take a look within 1 business day to approve you or not.

The Beach Awaits!

- Team KappaCrew


We (KappaCrew) want to inspire you to explore the world, promote positivity, and spread love to others. As a KappaCrew Ambassador, we want you to embody our brand values when you create content for KappaCrew. So that it is clear what our brand is all about! Our goal is to ensure all KappaCrew content shares our values of Positivity, Love, and Adventure!

1. As a new KappaCrew Ambassador, you will start with a base 20% commission per order you refer. (Average order values are 75 to 150 dollars USD)

2. Enter KappaCrew Ambassador Contests to win cash, trips around the world, free products, and more!

3. We also select certain ambassadors within our community to fly to Bali to model new product releases for our website and social media!

4. You (KappaCrew Ambassador) give us the right to use and repost, the content you create and send to us for KappaCrew.

5. We (KappaCrew) reserve the right to terminate any ambassador account for any misconduct when representing KappaCrew. Content can't be overly sexual, no drugs, no alcohol, or promoting anything illegal.

Thank you for being a part of KappaCrew and we can't wait to see you under the sun exploring the world!

For any additional information or questions please email us at [email protected]

Your information is safe with us, we don't sell, give, or share any of your information with anyone. The information you give us stays with us, your privacy security is important and we want to keep it that way. Always. If you want any information changed or deleted, contact us at [email protected]